Cause in the end

you need the good ones close, and you don’t need much else.

#wcw @phlolove don’t know much of her music but i just think she’s so gorgeous & classy. #modgirl #60sstyle #babyhairsonpoint 🙌😻

Long overdue change for this headtop 💁 #goinglighter #piercingless #workflow #nofilter

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Goodnight world, love me and Snorlax. ❤️💤 @jeremiahjekir

Post workout reward ✔️ #sangria #dranks #hardbody #counterproductive

#WCW #ErykahBadu such a beautiful soul, that kind you can see and feel. ❤️

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Consistency is everything

'Cause anyone can do anything once.
But to be consistent,

that shows character.

One for the saps that feel me

I’m happy love found me when it did
Gave me a hard one, two to the back of the head
Hit me like a train
Hadn’t even seen it coming
I’ve been a lot of places
I’ve met a lot of people
I’ve wasted a lot of time
But never in a million years would I think that love would find me here, with you
I’ve been angry,
I’ve been confused,
and I’ve been unproductive
for a long time
Needless to say you wouldn’t have liked me then, and I wouldn’t have been interested with my head in the clouds
And right when I started to switch it all up
Love came along
And somehow being happy, being productive, and feeling like I’m right where I should be seems effortless

In short, you make me a better person
I’m happy love found me when it did

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"A pretty face gets old, a nice body will change, but a good woman will always be a good woman." #quoteoftheday #shoutouttoallthegoodwomen