You don’t make art out of good intentions.

Gustave Flaubert

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Jaron did henna on me. LOL. A for effort! #grinninglikeaproudmama #hismasterpiece #henna


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Mateo made us some chicken for dinner.. Dinner for breakfast 😍💕

"Keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about" —Marilyn Monroe #quoteoftheday #morninginspiration #sesh #photographer #photographersintoronto: @jeremiahjekir

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She’s cold

I can feel her as she freezes
From a mile away, I can feel her
She gazes into nothingness,
an ice sculpture
But I can see the fire burning in her eyes
And in the bitter silence, I hear her thoughts running wild
She is dense as ice
But still so delicate
I hold on to the silence
As if my words were fuel
I could swear she’d melt
She keeps her scrutiny into her thoughts
And I keep mine on her

Let me get that heavy smoke

cause my thoughts is weighing on me
and I need something to balance out my lows

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I am numb
I listen to them talk
And I understand every word as each syllable slaps itself to freedom from between their lips
I hear the rain
As it races through the air and
I can smell the damp
But as for feeling,
There’s nothing

But sometimes
The slightest human contact can bring me back to my senses

And I feel

Gone with the wind

you’ve been brushing me endless
and I try to hold it down
but your current’s been strong
and I can feel my edges rolling up from under me
you are the wind
and I am the lonely leaf

I lay, undone from my foundation, waiting for your gust
Goodbye sweet babe
I’m gone with the wind